EnVisionary ICARE

Medical and Information Technology Systems

Medical Coding

Susan S. Testimonial/susan scercy signed letter testimon.pdf

"The program was instrumental in teaching me the foundational knowledge and skills to begin a career in the health care industry. EnVisionary I-Care has taught me that it is never too late to learn."  -Rosa M.

"Dr. Kennedy and her staff provided me with excellent academic instructions and support and quickly solved any problems I had with the computer" -Sandy F.

"The instructors are competent, knowledgeable and not only give us the information from the books but they also give us helpful advice for working in our chosen field for certification." - Diana D.

"EnVisionary I-Care provided encouragement when it was needed most and  my job is great” -Venus L.

 "Dr. Kennedy’s medical background as well as her administrative and certification background are perfect for teaching the Medical Terminology/Anatomy and Coding class and helped me get my job."  Niulca A.

“Because of my Certification,  I got hired at a private medical practice the same day I applied." - Audrey E.

"The training and knowledge I received will help me reach goals in the medical or insurance field. I had no knowledge at all when I first started.  I am now certified in medical coding /claims and working in my dream job." - Susan S.

  "I think that the instructors are competent and knowledgeable because they have to go through some of the same experiences that we are getting ready for."  -Tammie W.