EnVisionary ICARE

Medical and Information Technology Systems


Our Mission

In 2001, we launched EnVisionary I-Care with a vision to help the community by providing training for employment in the health care and information technology industries.

 The goals of EnVisionary I-Care are

•Develop and maintain health information systems and registries to help address health care employment disparities among unemployed and underemployed

•Develop and create science technology engineering math (STEM) educational tools, methods and strategies.

•Promote diversity in corporate America create more opportunities for qualified Americans to reduce unemployment and negative health effects.

Envisionary I-Care is a healthcare and information technology integration firm that has delivered world class solutions for 15+ years in education, training, and services. Dedicated to the promotion of education in the computer information technology and healthcare industry.

 Clients List:

 Duke Hospital, University of North Carolina  Hospitals, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Wake Human Services, Fidelity, EDS, Private Physicians Practices in Durham, Raleigh, Wake Forest, Charlotte areas, Novant Health, CVS Pharmacy, US Department of Labor,  and other allied health care facilities