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Network +

Install, configure, and manage Networks is EnVisionary I-Care Hands-On or video-learning program. This information-packed Network configuration course gives you the Hands-On and virtual experience you need for passing a certification exam offered by CompTIA.

What Is the Network+ Certification?

Network+ is a certification developed by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) that exists to provide resources and education for the computer and technology community. This is the same body that developed the A+ exam for PC technicians. Way back in 1995, members of the organization got together to develop a new certification that tests skills for IT. To ensure industry-wide support, it was sponsored by many past and present IT industry leaders like these:


·         IBM

·         Lotus

·         Microsoft

·         Novell

·         TSS

·         U.S. Robotics


The Network+ exam was designed to test the skills such as network architecture, network operations, network security, troubleshooting, industry standard practices.