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Computer Support(A+)

 To be certified open doors for future opportunities. ...

Breaking Into The Industry Becoming an Information Technology professional is a rewarding career choice.COMPTIA

Learn information Mobile Devices domain and pass the 901 exam. To earn your A+ certification, you'll need to become a power user of mobile devices running the following operating systems:

·         Apple iOS

·         Google Android

·         Windows Phone

Learn and  identify a blistering array of mobile hardware, including but not limited to the following devices:

 PC technicians, network technicians, system administrators, data base administrators, Cisco specialists, VMware specialists, and network security specialists are but a few of the massive opportunities available. The technology industry is ever advancing too so newer opportunities are opening up as new technologies emerge and the demand for skilled technology specialists will continue to follow suit.

 Many of you who are new to the world of computers will probably start out as a PC technician and then ultimately you will work yourself up the ladder into a more advanced specialty. My own personal journeys into the computer world actually began when I could not afford a PC, so built one from scratch. That experience ultimately opened the door to becoming a PC repair technician and then bigger and better opportunities arose again from there.

To kick start your own journey into an exciting technology career there is no better way to do so than to get certified. Whether you want to eventually become a Windows System Administrator, Network Engineer or Network Security Specialist, an entry-level certification is a fantastic starting point.

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