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Information Security Analyst

Learn to build and support  security awareness with training and documentation on best practices, emerging threats and policy implications.  Leaarn to proactively audit  data, systems, networks, services and users for vulnerabilities and threats. Leaarn how to dDetect, investigate, and resolve network and system anomalies. Investigate processes and systems for security issues. Participate in vulnerability assessment cycle by evaluating scan results and other sources of vulnerability information. CompTIA Security+ is recognized by the technology community as a valuable credential that proves competency with information security. Use your CompTIA Security+ Certification to protect your organization, network, and applications from cyber threats.


Secuirty analystr


Nearly all organizations rely on computer and information technology (IT) to conduct business and operate efficiently. Computer systems analysts use IT tools to help enterprises of all sizes achieve their goals. They may design and develop new computer systems by choosing and configuring hardware and software, or they may devise ways to apply existing systems' resources to additional tasks.


A+ Certification : (Computer Support)

A+ certification intended for individuals who are new to the IT profession or are looking to launch their IT career. By obtaining A+ certification, you’ll be able to demonstrate the basic competencies necessary to serve a computer technician. 

Learn information Mobile Devices domain and pass the 901 exam. To earn your A+ certification, you'll need to become a power user of mobile devices running the following operating systems:

·         Apple iOS

·         Google Android

·         Windows Phone

Learn and  identify a blistering array of mobile hardware, including but not limited to the following devices:

·         Tablets, phablets, and smartphones

·         Wearable tech (smart watches, fitness bands)

·         Home and vehicle automation devices (smart cameras, GPS)

You'll also learn how mobile devices interact with their owners as well as with other hardware; namely, the use of Bluetooth, infrared, and IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi, with and without tethering