EnVisionary ICARE

Medical and Information Technology Systems

Take your creativity to the web. Do you have a passion to build and create for the web? EnVisionary ICare's Web Design certificate program can teach you the tools to turn that into a career path. This program will equip you with the essential design knowledge you'll need to create dynamic websites to meet your needs – or the needs of your clients. This certificate program delivers a well-rounded education in all aspects of website creation – from front-end design,  and client-side scripting development and deployment.

 Duties:  A web designer's job duties cover all aspects of creating a website. Upon meeting with clients and assessing their needs, web designers help create and maintain the product. Their duties include, but aren't limited to, the following: Writing and editing content Designing webpage layout Determining technical requirements Updating websites Creating back up files Solving code problems

Provides a student with a foundation in the design and technical aspects of creating a website. Students learn web design skills and build professional portfolios that highlight their skills and abilities. Common topics include:

  • Fundamentals of design imaging
  • Basic web design
  • Animation
  • Multimedia design
  • Content management
  • Editing for video and audio
  • Multimedia programming and technology
  • introduction to mobile design

Front end and back-end development

Web development learn basic  skills for  collecting and analyzing Web activity data, monitoring traffic pattern,  responding to user feedback, creating front end and back end  code. Examples of course topics in a Web development certificate  program include:

  • Website editing software
  • Web management
  • Internet programming and database design
  • Web animation and content writing
  • Computer security
  • Technical communication and scripting languages


 Envisionary's Mobile Development program can teach you the skills to pursue a future in this growing market. In this certificate program, you'll explore the complete cycle for producing professional mobile applications – including preproduction, development, and market deployment. Depending on your audience requirements, it can take significant effort to account for the differences. Learn Android's both hardware and software versions. There are currently over 11,000 distinct Android devices out there. Learn the relatively low level programming that goes into mobile software.Learn to use SDK’s abstract away the majority of the real hard stuff, Learn to use things like touch and swipe gestures, radio and accelerometer data, camera and video hardware, etc. Learn to manage and transition between screens when data is involved and how mobile app needs to be multi-threaded. Learn tools like Appcelerator.

  MICROSOFT SQL SERVER This course provides students with the technical skills required to write basic Transact-SQL queries for Microsoft SQL Server 2014. This course is the foundation for all SQL Server-related disciplines; namely, Database Administration, Database Development and Business Intelligence Note: This course is designed for customers who are interested in learning SQL Server 2012 or SQL Server 2014. It covers the new features in SQL Server 2014, but also the important capabilities across the SQL Server data platform.